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Press release – England’s National Anthem ‘Jerusalem’ should be played at the Rugby World Cup

Press release

Immediate release 18th September 2015

England’s National Anthem ‘Jerusalem’ should be played at the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World starts today 18th September 2015, Kick off starts at 8pm with England playing Fiji but coverage begins with the Opening ceremony at 6.45pm.

With the changing constitutional situation within the UK and the increasing clarification of national identity for Scotland and Wales it has become blatantly obvious that only the English rugby players sing the British national anthem, God Save the Queen at international games. During the rugby world cup both the Scottish and Welsh national anthems will be played before the games start whilst Jerusalem will not be played for England.

God Save the Queen is not the English anthem as ‘Jerusalem’ is widely recognised as the appropriate anthem. The Rugby Football Union appears to want to persist in discriminating against English fans by treating the nations of the UK differently and not equally.

I thought we would highlight that the 2011 Census showed that over 60% of the people of England identify themselves as English only so RFU now must surely recognise that they are not representing the English nation in the best possible way.

The idea would be that if England plays against Scotland and Wales then afterwards ‘God save the Queen’ should be played for both teams. 

All the Best

Steven Davies


Campaign for an English Parliament

01206 767729


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