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Campaign for an English Parliament gives speech at UKIP Conference

Dear Member and Supporters

As usual the CEP continues to attend different Party conferences. This year we have given speeches at the English Democrats and UKIP conferences. The speech for the UKIP conference was on the parliament channel. (The link is below). Please take the time to listen to the speech as we put forward the case for establishing an English Parliament.


Unfortunately at the beginning of the UKIP clip is a clear statement by Mark Reckless clearly  saying that UKIP doesn’t support an English Parliament but supports EVEL (probably the 3rd option). This was disappointing to hear but we can only hope that they listen to the audience and realise that UKIP supporters want an English parliament that is equal to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


BBC iPlayer – UKIP Conference – 2015: 26/09/2015


  • At 1.20 minutes: Mark Reckless states his opposition to an English Parliament and his support for EVEL
  • At 3 minutes: The CEP speech starts

We will also hopefully be attending the Conservative conference but we have not been invited to give a speech so instead we will be giving out leaflets. If you are interested in joining our team at the Conservative conference please contact the office. We have also been attending Labour events and we were pleased to hear Jon Cruddas call for an English Labour Party!


Campaign for an English Parliament

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