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House of Lords Constitution Committee sits and is taking evidence from the organisations

Today, Wednesday 4 November the House of Lords Constitution Committee sits and is taking evidence from the organisations. You will notice that the Campaign for an English Parliament once again finds its excluded from giving oral evidence. I ask you to ponder why that is? We have given oral evidence before on two occasions and we have entered written evidence this time. Why have we been excluded?

Is it because the Lords realise that the establishment of English Parliament is the only solution to the English Question and are unwilling to include this option because it will highlight that they also have Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Peers implementing laws on England?


Is it because a National Federal system will mean that the Lords will be dissolved for a Senate style body and they are intent on blocking a fair democratic solution to the English Question?

Please decide between the two questions or you might decide that both are right

All the Best

Scilla Cullen

If you want to read our written evidence then please go to this link https://thecepreview.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/the-ceps-written-evidence-to-the-constitution-committee/

The Link

Academics and think tanks give evidence on Union and devolution

03 November 2015

On Wednesday 4 November the House of Lords Constitution Committee hears evidence from constitutional academics and think tank directors as part of its inquiry into the Union and devolution.


At 10.30am the Committee hears from:

  • Professor John Curtice, Strathclyde University
  • Dr Jan Eichhorn, University of Edinburgh

At 11.30am the Committee hears from:

  • Alexandra Runswick, Director, Unlock Democracy
  • Brendan Donnelly, Director, Federal Trust for Education and Research

Possible questions

In the first session, questions will focus on how the Union was perceived in Scotland during the independence referendum; how support for the Union differs across the four nations of the UK; and how far the public are prepared to accept different levels of taxation and services in different parts of the UK.

In the second session, the Committee will ask the witnesses whether legislative devolution to or within England is necessary to deliver a settled constitutional settlement; what impact English Votes for English Laws might have on the Union; and whether decentralisation as envisaged in the City and Local Government Devolution Bill might answer the ‘English question’.

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