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Creating an English Parliament is the only way to stop the SNP’s involvement in English only affairs.

It’s not whether you agree or disagree with this Sunday trading, it’s the fact that the SNP whose constituencies are unaffected by this English only law have voted against it.

It is not important if Conservative MPs rebelled against their government what is important is that the SNP cannot be stopped from voting on English only laws.

The government has been forced to drop the proposals not by people living in England but by people living in Scotland. It’s an affront to the democratic process that legislation that only affects England can be blocked by Scottish nationalists.

Sunday trading is already a devolved matter in Scotland and this English only law has absolutely nothing to do with Scotland. There are no country-wide restrictions on Sunday trading for Scotland, so the SNP’s involvement is absolutely disgusting.

Just imagine, the SNP’s response if the English started sticking their noses into everything in Scotland, there would be outcry and uproar.

Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for the Campaign for an English Parliament stated ‘The Campaign for an English Parliament has been saying from its conception that there are blatant deficiencies in English votes for English Laws. It does not work!! The only answer is to create an English Parliament’.

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