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British Broadcasting Corporation’s anti-English bias was shown by the nasty anti-England advertisements promulgated by its Welsh Department

Further proof of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s anti-English bias was shown by the nasty anti-England advertisements promulgated by its Welsh Department shown below:


One can imagine the response if the trailers had made similarly offensive remarks about Wales, Scotland or any other nation! But England is singled out for such victimisation. One of our members who lives near the border saw this and complained to the BBC about it as follows:

“My complaint concerns several anti-English racist trailers broadcast by BBC Wales prior to Saturday’s rugby match between Wales and England. I have to say that I did not view these trailers but saw them pictured and described in Friday’s Daily Telegraph. A BBC Wales spokesman is quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying:

“We decided to pull it because it didn’t hit the right notes. There was no offence intended but we have taken it down after a number of complaints. It was one of a series of films which are part of our promotion in the run-up to the Six Nations”.

I consider this series of trailers by BBC Wales as a deliberate racist attack on the nation of England: how could anyone with any sense state that “No offence was intended”? This was quite deliberate racism aimed at a fellow British nation and only helps to embolden xenophobia by a minority of people with extreme views in both Wales and England.

I have always found Welsh people friendly and courteous and can only assume that such sick anti English hatred is alive and well in BBC Wales: the people responsible for devising and producing these nasty racist trailers should be fired.”


The BBC responded to his complaint about this series of anti-English videos professionally produced and broadcast by BBC Wales, by trivialising the BBC’s own racist behaviour, commenting;

“Thank you for your contacting us. Your comments and concerns have been noted and brought to the attention of appropriate senior BBC management.

We’re sorry to hear that you were unhappy with one of our recent marketing trails.

The BBC’s promotional campaign for the Six Nations includes a series of videos featuring real, passionate and excited rugby fans talking about the friendly rivalry between the countries taking part in the tournament.

As part of this series, we released a video, which was designed to be clearly tongue-in-cheek, reflecting some of the friendly rivalry in the build up to the Wales v England. There was certainly no intention to offend.

The video clearly divided opinion and, within 24 hours, we decided to take it down and not show it again – a swift action which people tell us they appreciated. We took this action because on reflection, we felt we had got it wrong and that it hadn’t hit the right note.

Kind Regards

BBC Complaints Team


Our member replied: ” Please could the BBC treat the BBC Wales personnel who instigated the anti-English racist videos likewise, namely firing them as it did Carol Thatcher?

It is important that the BBC demonstrates fairness in it zero tolerance of racism.”


BBC radio Stoke not only lied but concealed the truth when it reported Eddie being accosted by the police officers, who never mentioned that the broadcast of ‘Jerusalem’ was too loud. It also seems that when it comes to the possibility of causing offence the police have never similarly accosted the BBC about offending national sensitivities?


Scilla Cullen

Director, Membership Secretary and fundraiser, CEP


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