The CEP Campaign Director discusses Scottish Indy2 Referendum





3 comments on “The CEP Campaign Director discusses Scottish Indy2 Referendum

  1. There should be a UK-wide referendum on any future change to the union – https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/169636

    This should be the compromise.


  2. Well done Eddie. Keep up the excellent work.

    Interesting, the Lords have agreed an amendment to the Brexit Bill stating that the Government should agree that EU citizens living in this country be allowed to stay permanently before article 50 is triggered.

    Well Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to seek a second referendum may equally lead for a call for Scottish people living in England to be granted a right to remain here.

    But what about English people living in Scotland?

    Logical maybe, but farsical

    All good wishes,




  3. Tom, an interesting point.

    In the scenario of Scotland in the EU and England (Wales & NI) out of the EU I guess it would be where your residency is.

    if you are resident in Scotland and Scotland remains in the EU you would apply for a new Scotland / EU Passport and if your residency is in England (Wales & NI) you apply for a new “UK” passport – however that is where the future “UK” residency conditions are not too clear, hence your posting.

    I cannot think of how else you could handle that residency / passport situation but I am sure there would be some sort transition period.



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